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At Chita Organic Farm, it’s only natural to enjoy our beautiful organic environment. Our management aims to grow plants in the natural way with natural resource and have no pesticide. Our growers are happy with natural life and green environmental concern.We utilize our resources effectively. Production factors; for example, natural fertilizer,are produced within our farm.


Thailand developed the national 'organic standards' to the international equivency with the following requirements to qualify for the certification:


- Cropping or livestock raising areas must be left unused for at least 3 years to improve soil nutrients and assure no chemical residues, preferably the upland and open field areas.

- No use of GMOs.

- No use of manures or composts from animals given or fed prohibited substances.

- No use of any chemicals in the production process and the farming plots must be in a reasonable distance from those using chemical fertilizers and other chemical inputs.

- The farm is located in a reasonable distance from manufacturing plants and major highways.

- Farm has access to toxin-free water resource and is subject to routine inspection of soil and output quality.

- Handle weed and post problems by natural approaches.

- Have proper post harvest handling activities namely field inspection by involved or authorized agencies.

Sustainable organic farming Our products contains organically grown, fresh, raw material from our farm. This means that there are absolutely no harmful chemicals used in their production. We use sustainable agriculture methods to ensure that we have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.