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Organic Rice Paper 18 cm.


SKU : 03-06-023

Packing : 200 g.


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Organic Rice Paper


Packing : 200 g.


Descriptions :

It's easy to stay at home. With a thin sheet of Bai Miang Yuan menu Easy to wrap, soft and sticky.

Clean and hygienic. Can be used to cook various dishes Both Vietnamese spring rolls, Miang Yuan, Namnueng, etc.


How to use :

1. Soak "Lum Lum" organic dough sheet in clean water 10-15 seconds and place on a plate.

2. Place the meat, mushrooms or vegetables as you like.

3. Wrap the dough sheet as needed, ready to eat immediately.


Ingredient List :

Organic Tapioca Starch 

Organic Rice Flour 



Shelf Life : 18 months


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