Organic Lemongrass Powder


Packing: 12x30 g./Carton (Glass jar)



Organic Lemongrass Powder

Packing : 12x30 g./Carton (Glass jar)


Description :

With its hot, spicy and bitter flavor used in many Thai dishes, lemongrass is the main component of every spicy curry paste. It is also boiled to serve as a herbal drink. For its nutritional velues, lemongrass boasts highly necessary minerals to our health including calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A.


Ingredient List :

Organic Lemongrass 100%


Shelf Life : 24 months


Packing Size :

NW : 0.36 kg.

GW : 2.0 kg.

Dimension: 14.5x22.0x11.0 cm.

Carton/Pallet : 280 Cartons

Pallet/20' Container - 20 Pallets (4,900 Cartons)

Pallet's Dimension : 110 x 110 x 13 cm.

Height included pallet : 109 cm.

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