Organic Perilla


Packing : 12x150 g. ( Paper Box )


หมวดหมู่ : Organic Dried Grains


Organic Perilla

Packing : 12x150 g. ( Paper Box )


Description :

Organic Perilla Seeds, called "Shi-So", are a very popular herb in Japan and many other Asian countries. Perilla seeds provide a rich soure of Omega 3 fatty acids and have numerous health benefits for the body. The seed is believed, in Chinese medicine, to offer health benefits for the large intestines and the lungs. In East Asia, it is common for the seeds to be finely ground or crushed into a powder.


Ingredient List :

Organic Perilla 100%


Shelf Life : 18 months


Packing Size :

NW. : 2.4 kg.

GW. : 3.0 kg.

Dimension: 23.5x29.5x12.1 cm.

Carton/Pallet : 96 Cartons

Pallet/20' Container - 20 Pallets (1,920 Cartons)

Pallet's Dimension : 110 x 110 x 13 cm.

Height included pallet : 113 cm.

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