Organic Khao Soi Set


Packing : 12x200 g./Carton (Paper Box)


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Organic Khao Soi Set 

Packing : 12x200 g./Carton (Paper Box)


Description :

Introducing our LumLum Organic Khao Soi Set!! A delicious creamy and slightly spicy yellow curry dish unique to Northern Thailand. It’s popular as a street dish. There is some reason to believe that the Thai version of Khao Soi was influenced by Chinese Muslim cuisine and most likely served with chicken or beef.


Ingredient List : 

Organic Brown Rice Noodle

Organic Coconut Milk

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Chilli

Organic Shallot


Organic Turmeric


Organic Coriander Seeds

Organic Fermented Soy Bean

INS 330

(Citric Acid - (INS 330))


Allergen Information : 

Contains Soybean 

Coriander Seeds



Shelf Life : 18 months


Packing Size : 

Dimension: 5.00x13.00x22.00 cm.

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