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Organic Khao Soi Paste With Coconut Milk


SKU : 03-08-010

Packing : 100 g.

Categories : Organic Curry Paste


Organic Khao Soi Paste With Coconut Milk

Packing : 100 g.


Descriptions :

Khao Soi is a traditional dish from Northern Thailand. It is as irresistible mix of noodles or pastes, coconut curry broth and southeast Asian aromatics.


How to use :

Thai Khao Soi, being a soup-like dish made with a mix of deep-fried crispy egg noodles and boiled egg noodles, pickled mustard greens, shallots, lime, ground chillies fried in oil, and a meat in a curry-like sauce containing coconut milk. It is popular as street dish eaten by Thai people in northern Thailand.


Ingredient List : 

Organic Coconut milk 

Organic Cane Sugar 

Organic Chilli 

Organic Shallot 


Organic Turmeric 


Organic Coriander seeds 

Organic Fermented Soy Bean 

Citric Acid (INS 330) 


Shelf Life : 18 months

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